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Tom Utomi Ibhagehikholor-ceo-anthomiproperties

Dr Mr Tom Utomi Ibhazehikholor


Highly skilled and knowledgeable civil engineer with a strong record of sound and safe public works construction projects.

 Adept at coordinating with building and engineering professionals for every project stage.  

Strong Multitasker with exceptional skill in fuctioning well in high-pressure work environment.

Holds B.Sc in Economics and a professional certificates in property development, Tom brings a wealth of experience in the Nigerian real estate development. 

He had his tutelage at OSGDI properties Nigeria Ltd where he worked in various management capacities over 12 Years.

Dr Mrs Anthonia Utomi

Managing Director

Anthonia who has many years of experience in business management, has used her expertise to move Anthomi properties to an enviable state in property development in Nigeria.

Anthonia who has gained many years of experience both home and abroad before joining Anthomi Properties, has managed a security service company in the United Kingdom for over 4 years. She also managed Framatex Nig ltd a water packaging company for many years.

She has BSc in Sociology, MBA Human Resources, and also has a Diploma in Business Management.

Mrs Anthonia Utomi

About our company

Anthomi Properties Nigeria Limited is a real estate development company that offers commercial and residential real estate services to individual and businesses which ranges from consultation services to both prospective and existing clients on property investment, building, buying a home, and lease /letting. Property management. Landscaping and security.

Our Mission

To acquire, develop and sell private & public quality properities based on realistic values for its own investment affiliates, as well as its joint venture partners.

Our Values




Clients Satisfaction


Our Vision

To build exellence and superior performance in its operations with corporate objective geared towards the development of the environment and infrastructure for the benefit of mankind, through civil Engineering and construction technology.

Our Resources

With her years of experience, impressive property portfolio, celebrity clientele, and unparalleled knowledge of the market and pedigree estates, Simone estimable business is sophisticated and renowned.

Our Team

Tom Utomi Ibhagehikholor-ceo-anthomiproperties

Dr Mr Tom Utomi Ibhazehikholor


Mrs Anthonia Utomi

Dr Mrs Anthonia Utomi

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use this guide to familiarize yourself with rules, laws and other important information relating to your property.

An accurate appraisal of a home’s worth can make or save you tens of thousands of Naira on a prospective deal. Determining how much a house is worth begins with an assessment of the prevailing domestic economy as it relates to local real estate prices. You must learn to monitor the price action of the comparable real estate, or comps, which are groups of homes in your neighborhood with similar qualities.

Real estate prices in a current market situation are determined by the market price and the market value. The Market price is what a willing, ready and bank-qualified buyer will pay for a property and what the seller will accept for it. While the Market value is an opinion of what a property would sell for in a competitive market based on the features and benefits of that property (the value), the overall real estate market, supply and demand, and what other similar properties have sold for in the same condition. The major difference between market value and market price is that the market value, in the eyes of the seller, might be much more than what a buyer will pay for the property or it’s true market price. Value can create demand, which can influence price. But, without the demand function, value alone cannot influence price. As supply increases and demand decreases, price goes down, and value is not influential. As supply decreases and demand increases, the price will rise, and value will influence price. Market value and market price can be equal in a balanced market.

Selling your house is a big task and your house is likely your biggest asset. The key steps to selling your house are first you assess the condition of your house, secondly, you get a price for it, thirdly, you list it and market it, fourthly, you negotiate and accept an offer, Lastly, you prepare paper works and close the transaction

In Lagos, there is a huge demand for affordable housing opportunities. In defiance of global economic changes or meltdown, the property market in Lagos  continually witnesses a sharp increase in prices.  For example, houses that are being sold for 300 million naira in omole phase 1 or Ikeja  areas this year, will witness an increment of about 25% next year. This is because the Nigerian economy, in general, does not depend entirely on banking.

When it comes to real estate investing, the reality is no one has a crystal ball. We only know what the right time was to buy or sell by looking at history, hindsight being 20/20. The answer to this question is “Yes” all you have to do is find a house or property you love that makes sense, that you would own for a long time, it’s in a good location and in a decent shape, lock in a long-term mortgage and sleep well.‎

Choosing the right agent can make a difference in how quickly and efficiently you can find or sell your house, the price you pay or receive and the smooth completion of the transaction. Finding the right pays off in the long run. You should go for a professional real estate agent who has experience. then you can also get referrals from friends, neighbors and co-workers. Interviewing a few real estate agents will also help.

Get in touch with us, let's build, rennovate your next home.

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